Unseasonal rain reminds me of you,

Surfacing like a memory

Buried far beneath …

As lightning rolls by the sky

I’m reminded of your smile,

Rare and electric,

And a joy to behold.

The thunder of your timbre

Reverberates within me,

Now and always.

The cold breeze envelopes me,

All over,

Like your arms once did.

In the refreshed earth,

I can smell your scent,

Parching me from within …


I want to write a thousand poems,

To your radiant smile

The way your dimples flash,

When you look into my eyes.

I want to sing out loud,

About your sparkling eyes

Whose intriguing depths,

I hope, one day, to map out.

I want to immerse myself,

In the melody of your voice

Those gorgeous baritones,

That reverberate in my soul.


I want to be the lyrics

To every poem you’ve ever read,

To every song you’ve ever heard,

To every melody you’ve ever hummed …



Isn’t fame a rather fickle friend,

Lifts you up and drops you down,

In the blink of an eye …

Leaves you to contemplate

Who you could’ve been,

If not for it.

It blinds, quite literally,

Binds your eyes

To a life beyond it,

It tempts, everyone at some point

Attempts to make one its own…


-Well, this turned out to be rather pedantic *facepalm*


Have I been living in denial

Willing you to come back to me ?

When all the signs and all the portents

Tell me that’s an impossible dream ?

Moving on has never been my thing,

I like to wallow

In days past

Soaking up in

Misery and tears.

At every sunrise

I raise my eyes

With renewed hope

Of your return.

As the sun sets

I rest my head

On my tear soaked pillow

For another long night.


-In response to this prompt, https://sammiscribbles.wordpress.com/2019/05/11/weekend-writing-prompt-105-denial/ 


Another day dawned,

And with it, more questions …

The answers to which

Aren’t as forthcoming …

Love and loss

Aren’t an easy couple to fathom

Nor are they hard,

Just takes all you’ve got.

I sometimes wonder

If I seem ungrateful

Not to have been thankful

For what I had, when I did ?

In the light of day,

All seem tranquil,

Sadly, that’s all it is,


He stood still for eons,

Watching the needles of time move

Helpless to do naught but watch

As the seasons passed him by.

His stars came and went,

Unfamiliar ones took their place

As he stood still and strong,

Unable to stop their passing.

His soul longed to flow

As unshed lava festered too long,

To rain upon the world,

The poetry of his heart.

He longs to reach out and touch

Those yellow petals he loved,

He longs to sprout a smile

That doesn’t end in fire.

He watches change come over again,

Unable to change anything himself,

As yet another Winter

Passes into spring,

He stands still, and stoic

As he has, for millennia unchanged.


A flash of pain

Cuts through my heart

As your memory

Flares up inside,

Taking me back

To those days and times

When you were here,

Mine and alive.

Has it been years, months, weeks,

Or mere days since you were taken,

I can’t seem to remember

Nor gather my thoughts,

My mind is awash

With loneliness and tears.

I’ve never been one

To believe in ghosts,

Nor in a world

Beyond this trite one.

Sometimes I wish

That I were so inclined,

Then I could live

In renewed hope,

In expectant joy

Of being with you

Someday, somewhere …


Inch by inch

Fibre by fibre

Cold fingers of frost

Travel up my being.

Dread pools in my stomach

Sending shivers up my back 

My hand trembles

As I hold it out to the rain.

Cold streams of water everywhere

Nowhere to turn

Nowhere to run 

Nowhere is safe,

Nowhere to go but down …

Now in the front yard

Now in the front room

All I see is water

A pulsing, unending deluge.