Unseasonal rain reminds me of you,

Surfacing like a memory

Buried far beneath …

As lightning rolls by the sky

I’m reminded of your smile,

Rare and electric,

And a joy to behold.

The thunder of your timbre

Reverberates within me,

Now and always.

The cold breeze envelopes me,

All over,

Like your arms once did.

In the refreshed earth,

I can smell your scent,

Parching me from within …



Isn’t fame a rather fickle friend,

Lifts you up and drops you down,

In the blink of an eye …

Leaves you to contemplate

Who you could’ve been,

If not for it.

It blinds, quite literally,

Binds your eyes

To a life beyond it,

It tempts, everyone at some point

Attempts to make one its own…


-Well, this turned out to be rather pedantic *facepalm*


Have I been living in denial

Willing you to come back to me ?

When all the signs and all the portents

Tell me that’s an impossible dream ?

Moving on has never been my thing,

I like to wallow

In days past

Soaking up in

Misery and tears.

At every sunrise

I raise my eyes

With renewed hope

Of your return.

As the sun sets

I rest my head

On my tear soaked pillow

For another long night.


-In response to this prompt, https://sammiscribbles.wordpress.com/2019/05/11/weekend-writing-prompt-105-denial/ 

He stood still for eons,

Watching the needles of time move

Helpless to do naught but watch

As the seasons passed him by.

His stars came and went,

Unfamiliar ones took their place

As he stood still and strong,

Unable to stop their passing.

His soul longed to flow

As unshed lava festered too long,

To rain upon the world,

The poetry of his heart.

He longs to reach out and touch

Those yellow petals he loved,

He longs to sprout a smile

That doesn’t end in fire.

He watches change come over again,

Unable to change anything himself,

As yet another Winter

Passes into spring,

He stands still, and stoic

As he has, for millennia unchanged.


A flash of pain

Cuts through my heart

As your memory

Flares up inside,

Taking me back

To those days and times

When you were here,

Mine and alive.

Has it been years, months, weeks,

Or mere days since you were taken,

I can’t seem to remember

Nor gather my thoughts,

My mind is awash

With loneliness and tears.

I’ve never been one

To believe in ghosts,

Nor in a world

Beyond this trite one.

Sometimes I wish

That I were so inclined,

Then I could live

In renewed hope,

In expectant joy

Of being with you

Someday, somewhere …


I want to write an ode,

To your steel blue eyes

Those clear spots of calm

In an ocean storm.

Azure as the sky

Tender as a flower

Those gorgeous orbs

Take my breath away.

Open them, my love,

Gaze at me as you do,

Drown me in their depths,

Hold me in their embrace,

As long as this moment lasts.

Purple dreams

I dream in purple sometimes,

It’s my happy colour

It swirls and twirls in my brain

And lulls me back to sleep.

Last night I was a purple unicorn

My horn was sweet and spice

My bed smelled of lavender

My breath was warm and summer-like.

I stepped off into a purple sea

My tail grew and so did I

I’m a Grecian sea horse now,

I can taste the purple waves.

Then I saw the edge of time

Where the purple sky met the sea

My wings twitched and jerked

I hid among the purple clouds.



It was the first day of Spring,

I took off my shoes and toed the grass

Morning dew still within

Tickled my toes and calmed my soul.

A lonely yellow flower

Poked its head through the ground,

I patted it and murmured,

‘Welcome back, dear old friend’ !

Children played on the swings,

Happy families all around

I looked about and met your eye

A chord twanged in my heart.

The wind was playing with your hair,

You smiled and I smiled back

In your bright blue eyes,

I saw an ocean storm swell.

Your thoughts wove a canvas

Flared up my daydreams and nights

Your touch like an ember

That lit a fire under my skin.

This seems like a moment of truth,

Is it a passing fancy,

Or dare I say the word,

‘Love’ in all its fury ?

Where do we go from here,

To the pastures of everlasting joy,

To love and to keep forever

Or the glass case of broken dreams

To forget and be forgotten…