Flying with a star

A star watches me, day in and day out

Keenly measuring my thoughts

My desires and emotions…

When it speaks to me,

It speaks of a past

It speaks of a future,

So fantastic,

So irreversibly intertwined,

It speaks of all that I could be,

If I were free of my shell.


“I’ll show you the Universe

On a scale you’ve never seen,

I’ll take you past several moons,

Past a hundred earths so blue,

Past yellow suns so new…

Come, ride with me,

Let’s scatter your atoms

All through the cosmos,

You’ll be moonlight and stardust

You’ll be the start and end of all.

Come, dive into my primordial soup,

Into scorching plasma and soothing winds

Melt your thoughts away one by one

Until all that is left is you, pure and simple.”





Purple dreams

I dream in purple sometimes,

It’s my happy colour

It swirls and twirls in my brain

And lulls me back to sleep.

Last night I was a purple unicorn

My horn was sweet and spice

My bed smelled of lavender

My breath was warm and summer-like.

I stepped off into a purple sea

My tail grew and so did I

I’m a Grecian sea horse now,

I can taste the purple waves.

Then I saw the edge of time

Where the purple sky met the sea

My wings twitched and jerked

I hid among the purple clouds.