Sitting by my trees on a fall evening

Another fall evening passes,

While I sit and gaze through the trees

Holding a cup of my favourite tea,

Waiting for you as I always do.

I’d forgotten it’s a Friday,

The streets busy and rowdy

People calling to each other,

As they walk by on their ways.

These sounds, these smells,

The breeze that kisses my hair

Takes me back to the day

When you and I first met.

The colours of the day,

So vivid and lively,

They paled to nothingness

Beside your glorious smile.

Many years thence

I’ve sat here in the shade

Chatting with the crickets

To watch you come through the trees.

The fireflies are out now,

Darting among the bushes,

Blinking, dancing, dazzling me

With their capricious lustre.

Something moved yonder

Startling me from my reverie

There you are, with that same smile

Treading the tree lined paths

To come home to me.


  • in response to this prompt,
  • Also, the title is a slight bastardisation of Robert Frost’s famous poem, STOPPING BY WOODS ON A SNOWY EVENING, one of my favourites. It is most known for its last four lines, but the other 12 lines are beautiful in their own right 🙂

It was the first day of Spring,

I took off my shoes and toed the grass

Morning dew still within

Tickled my toes and calmed my soul.

A lonely yellow flower

Poked its head through the ground,

I patted it and murmured,

‘Welcome back, dear old friend’ !

Children played on the swings,

Happy families all around

I looked about and met your eye

A chord twanged in my heart.

The wind was playing with your hair,

You smiled and I smiled back

In your bright blue eyes,

I saw an ocean storm swell.

Your thoughts wove a canvas

Flared up my daydreams and nights

Your touch like an ember

That lit a fire under my skin.

This seems like a moment of truth,

Is it a passing fancy,

Or dare I say the word,

‘Love’ in all its fury ?

Where do we go from here,

To the pastures of everlasting joy,

To love and to keep forever

Or the glass case of broken dreams

To forget and be forgotten…