I want to write a thousand poems,

To your radiant smile

The way your dimples flash,

When you look into my eyes.

I want to sing out loud,

About your sparkling eyes

Whose intriguing depths,

I hope, one day, to map out.

I want to immerse myself,

In the melody of your voice

Those gorgeous baritones,

That reverberate in my soul.


I want to be the lyrics

To every poem you’ve ever read,

To every song you’ve ever heard,

To every melody you’ve ever hummed …


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  1. Love that last verse! We all want to be the lyrics of our lover’s song, don’t we. I just read about a documentary about Leonard Cohen and his muse Marianne. How amazing it must be to hear a song and know its lyrics are yours alone.

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  2. You had me at the first two lines. I especially liked the way this part adds a personal touch… “Those gorgeous baritones/ That reverberate in my soul”. The last stanza could stand alone….an exquisite expression of love.
    Sorry for this late response.

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