Walking along the shore

The sand kissing my feet

The waves lapping and nipping

Erasing my footsteps as I walked by.

I walked towards the Sun

Mottling the sky in reds and blues

Scattering the clouds

As he left for his nightly abode.

As the waves receded yet again,

It pricked at my feet

I looked down and saw

Its patterned shell.

A sea shell, formed over the years,

Hiding a life, nurturing it

Then setting it free

To wander the halls of spirits.

As I walked back,

I held it to my ear

Its preserved melody,

The eternal song of the sea.


  • in response to this prompt,ย http://poetryprompts.tumblr.com/post/178349534956/write-a-poem-about-picking-up-seashells.

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