Zoo keeper named God

A little blue planet,

In a corner of the ‘Verse,

Filled with such beauty,

Such richness, such grandeur

Thrown at the mercy

Of bipeds who row.

Rows in the name of anything and everything

Rows by arms, rows by words

Rows that kill and maim

Rows that mean nothing in the grand scheme of things…

Makes one wonder, over all these rows,

Is it God we need, or an august Zoo keeper?

Their story

There were questions in her mind,
About it all,
About life, about love
Above all else, about him.

There were poems in her soul
But the melody was missing…
They started, faltered and dropped
For there was no’ne to hear them.

He came to her in winter,
Promising a spring so light
Through the heat of summer,
Their love fell in a fall.

She watched and waited and paced
He was never so late
She listened for his steps
Until the red lights flashed.

He was serene in death;
Eyes glazed over, Lips taut and silent
With his lover’s last kiss
His story was truly over.